We urgently need to make changes to how we live on the one and only planet we depend on. Organisations and brands have the power to do that at scale. Now we can all have a say in the actions they take. And see the impact we achieve together…
Supercharging sustainability, building a global community
More and more individuals care deeply about how we live. And lots of organisations and brands do too.

Our mission is to make collaboration simple, so:
  • ordinary people can supercharge sustainability change;
  • organisations and brands are driven to make a positive impact;
  • together, we build a global community for action.

Meet the founders



I was born in Sweden and live in Ireland, both beautiful places with a real outdoorsy culture. From a young age, I wanted to reduce my footprint on the planet and protect these incredible habitats, but it’s hard to do that as an individual. So combining my university studies in business and psychology with hands-on experience in sustainability, I dreamed up One Step Closer. ... Read More


I met Joanna in Stockholm and have always shared her passion for living in a more sustainable way. I’ve worked in technology most of my life. Whilst we had the vision for One Step Closer 10 years ago, it was hard to make it simple enough to take part. Until now. ... Read More

Taking our own small steps

The more people, organisations and brands that join us, the more positive impact we make. But we also recognise that as we grow, so does our own operational footprint.

Whilst we’re doing everything we can to minimise our Carbon footprint, we compensate for the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions we can’t eradicate through the purchase of certified gold standard carbon credits. These are deployed through the United Nations Carbon offset platform to invest in projects in developing countries that reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

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