New: Trinity vote for additional water fountains

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Inspire change! Make refilling water more accessible around Trinity’s campus and at the same time reducing our environmental footprint.

Join us in this campaign for the introduction of additional water fountains across campus, furthering Trinity College’s commitment to the goal of a campus free from single-use plastic. Every small step taken together can make a big impact!

TCD Plastic Solutions found that at least 2,000 plastic bottles were bought on campus daily and another 2,000 to 3,000 were bought off campus and subsequently brought into Trinity.

Plastic bottles take, on average, 450 years to break down. Think about that – every piece of plastic that you have bought so far in your life is still on the planet!

Choosing to use the water fountains reduces the need for manufactured plastic AND reduces waste which would pollute our waters, air & land for centuries to come.

The proposed locations for the new fountains are the Berkeley Library, the Hamilton Building, the Arts Block, the Sports Hall, Goldsmith Hall or the O’Reilly Institute.

Go on! Have your say here:

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