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Who doesn’t love sustainable products?!

Join us in this ground-breaking campaign. -Decide which sustainable products you want to see being sold on campus at Trinity College Dublin.

To vote and replace even a few of the products you normally buy with their more sustainable counterparts might feel like a very small step. But many small steps taken together can make a big impact!

The United Nations set of Sustainable Development Goals already recognises this and has created Goal #12, Responsible Consumption and Production, to set a target for phasing out unsustainable products globally.

Sustainable products have considered the full impact of their raw materials, their manufacture, their delivery, and the end-of-life (i.e do they get thrown into the rubbish/do they simply biodegrade back to soil/can they be recycled?). By considering the full life-cycle of the product, when designing it, there is minimal harm caused to the environment, directly or indirectly, throughout the process of making, using and discarding the product.

The suggested products that you can choose from in the Trinity Student’s Union Campaign, which launched Sunday the 4th of November will help you to have a smaller (and, hence, kinder) footprint on the environment.

Safety Razors, Bamboo Toothbrushes and buying pasta and rice in bulk from dispensers all help us to reduce plastic waste. A shampoo bar not only eliminates means the plastic waste of a shampoo bottle but also fewer chemicals will get on your skin and be released into Nature. Every menstrual cup can save Nature from the pollution of hundreds of pads and tampons from one individual each year, that otherwise would contaminate groundwater and air via landfills. And lastly, the plant-based Oatmilk is a milk alternative that can be grown and sourced locally and that has a much smaller environmental footprint than dairy milk.

Go on! Have your say here:

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