Update: Positive collaborations. Sharing the love.

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Thanks to your votes and your sharing, we now see boosts in awareness of the following three projects.

Havin’ a Laugh, supporting people in mental health counseling, Sligo Social Services, and their support for people suffering from homelessness, and for elderly people in need of a hot meal and company, as well as Carraroe National School looking to build a safer play environment for the 354 children attending the school.

Blaithín Sweeney who set up Havin’ a Laugh has seen increased traffic to the organisation’s website and an increase in calls. ‘More people are inquiring about our services’.

450 people have voted so far! Every time you share the voting links or share information about the impact projects you care about, you help to raise awareness of important local causes and the work they do.

And oh, of course, in SL Controls campaign Share the Love you help allocate additional funds to one of the projects. €500 to be exact. A good way to share the love!


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